Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16 Fishing Report

The Tog bite was decent yesterday​ as we got the boat limit on the last day Tog was 3 per person. Started off slow, but as the tide changed the bite turned on. No monsters, but still a fun day. Had a number of keeper throw backs as well. Blackfish go's to 6 per person a day starting today (October 15). Call Captain Brian Bacon to book today at 401-243-7046 or visit our website at

Sunday, October 8, 2017

October 7 Fishing Report

Striped Bass bite is still pretty consistent out at the Block. Monster Blue dogs mixed in with huge sea bass you can't keep until October 21. Bass Blues and sea bass were taken drifting eels this week. Bass and Blues on the troll as well. Cod Fishing has been decent, with a ton of Huge sea bass mixed in. False Albacore are loaded on the beaches and the Center wall off of Point Judith. Still plenty of Time to get after some trophy striped bass, false albacore, cod and Blackfish will be starting 6 fish per person a day starting October 15. Call Captain Brian

acon to book today at 401-243-7046 or visit our website at

Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 29 Fishing Report

Hurricane Jose and Maria have kept us tied up to the dock most days the past couple weeks. The beginning of the week produced some nice striped bass on the SW corner of Block Island with some monster Blues mixed in. Next day we were able to fish was Friday. We were covered up in Bluefish both on the eels and on the troll. Calm weather looks like it will prevail this week and we'll be able to get back out on the fish. Looking forward to more Bass trips, cod fishing and false albacore in the upcoming week... Blackfish go's to 6 fish per person a day October 15 and the cod bite is heating up! Call Captain Brian Bacon to book today at 401-243-7046 or visit us at

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18 Fishing report

This past week was filled with a bunch of bottom fishing trips which produced a ton of nice Cod with Fish up to 35 pounds! Both Big Game and Big Game II loaded up on the Sea Bass and Scup, the bite is off the charts. Doubled up on each drop with monster sea bass and scup. We had a handful of nice fluke mixed into the catch as well. Cod Fish are on the move as trips early in the week produced big numbers but over the weekend the cod were a little harder to find. False Albacore are plentiful along the beaches as well as offshore with some greenies mixed in. Big Game had an offshore trip early last week with only one Bluefin landed on a RonZ jigging, False Albacore crushed green machine spreader bars, rainbow chains and squid nation bars on the troll. So many albies around, we couldn't even get the lines out. The Striped bass bite has been hit or miss, mostly miss this past week. The fish that were taken, were smaller fish taken on the troll on parachutes and umbrella rigs as their are still a ton of sand eels on the back side of Block. Plenty of Blue Fish around!
Cod Fishing is just getting started and Blackfish go's to 6 per person a day starting October 15! Call captain Brian Bacon to book today 401-243-7046 or visit our site at

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 5 Fishing Report

We were only able to get out a couple days this past week due to heavy seas and brutal weather conditions. The days we were able to get out, Big Game and Knot Reel Teeth found the Bluefin right where we left them a week ago. All fish that were taken were between 33-44 inches on the jig and ballyhoo on the troll. The false Albacore have moved in in big numbers! Between the two boats we caught close to 200 Albies! Couldn't get away from them, You'd let the line out, set the drag and you were on again. Caught them jigging too!
The inshore grounds found the Striped bass a little less willing to cooperate this week with only 3 fish taken on the one day we were able to get out and target them. Plenty of giant Blues have moved into the SW corner of Block as well as the East side. All the Bluefish you want with a mix of Green Bonita and false albacore mixed in. The sea bass bite has bumped from 3 to 7 fish per person a day with the couple trips we were able to get out, we got boat limits on the sea bass with a handful of Fluke mixed in. Still plenty of great tuna fishing left in the season, as well as Striped bass! Blackfish and Cod fishing will be heating up soon! Call Captain Brian Bacon to book today at 401-243-7046 or visit us at

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 30 Fishing Report

Inshore: The day time Striped Bass Bite Continues to Produce Nice fish between 30 and 45 pounds drifting eels. The Flood tide has been the hot tide during the day, with little action on the ebb tide. Big Black Sea Bass and Fluke continue to put up great numbers as we've been loading the boat after the Striper bite is done.
Cod Fishing was Hot on Saturday. Only 2 throw backs all day. Most of the fish were in the 15 pound range as we managed a final tally of 27 Cod and a pile of Sea bass with a Monkfish Bonus added in!

Offshore: All 3 boats have been offshore this week, 2 of them daily. The Mahi Action is off the charts with big bulls up to 25 pounds taken. Mondays trip bagged 41 Mahi, Tuesdays trip grabbed 34 Mahi and some Triggers.
Knot Reel Teeth Ventured out to Atlantis canyon and Grabbed 4 nice Yellowfin, a bunch of mahi and a wahoo. Big Game went back the next day and followed suit with $ Beautiful Yellowfin, a 300 pound Blue Marlin, a bunch of Mahi and a couple of Tile Fish.
Big Game and Big Game II got into some amazing Bluefin action on Sunday! Big Game II grabbed a White Marlin on the troll early morning and jigged up 16 Bluefin Tuna all on light spinning gear which were all released but 2.
Big Game Fished right beside and did the same. Bagged 2 nice Bluefin on the troll in the morning and jigged up 9 more which we released to round out the day. The Offshore fishing is hot! We have plenty of open days in the fall to get out and grab some world class fish! Call Captain Brian Bacon to book today at 401-243-7046 or visit out site at